lauantai 13. marraskuuta 2010

The Great Landing Gear Door Saga!

As the real MiG is made of aluminium, I came across the idea of making aluminium gear door for it. The thin offset aluminium  (litho plate) provides exellent material for this when it it sandwiched with carbon fiber. At least that was my original idea. Well, after cutting the aluminium parts to shape with the Polyply templates, I protected the opposite side wing top side with plastic.  This method gives the doors the right shape. Then I drew the outlines of the doors into the plastic to help putting the top and underside door parts to match each others position-there is carbon in between, so the lower one cannot be seen. Then, after cutting two layers of 130 g carbon cloth, the Z-poxy laminating resin was mixed.

After some work, this is what could be seen:

Then I made the main gear door- its was slightly over the inner door, but it really was no concern in the shape. 

This was also carefully taped into shape and allowed to cure overnight.
Meanwhile I fitted in the extra gear ram...

This turned out to be difficult-surprise! Eventually I had to make a hole in the front spar to be able to fix the ram into place. 

The yellow airline still need some more space.
After some sanding, carbon dust, and some sweat it all worked out! 
All left to do now is the inner door ram and the outer door. Gear down...

Gear up! The aluminium looks really cool.

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