maanantai 1. marraskuuta 2010

Mig aileron and flap!

Yep, the same left MiG wing again and again. But slowly and firmly its making its way into a ready wing! The split-flap was sanded to fit nicely into the wing´s recess. I still don´t know how exactly what the flap mechanics will turn out to be, but yes, they will be moved with two servos each. A CAD drawing is somewhere in the original designer / builders computer and it should reveal all! Anyway, now it fits and the servo wirings are also done now. Considering also of installing some sort of LED lights into the MiG as there is a nice ready wire channel leading into the wing tip.

Now I must confess, that using these pivot and round hinges is new to me...and thats why the installing of the aileron turned out to be rather difficult. Of course, the problem is an aileron not moving enough. I sanded the wing with a round block (cut from  Elan´s old wing tube) and after some careful glueing, it is  still needed to make some adjustments in order to move the aileron down more.  Also, the aileron is maybe 1 mm too much out, so this tells me I did not glue the hinges deep enough into the aileron.  The remaining one must be done better...

Here the flap can be seen open-actually the flaps are quite big in the MiG-15.

I was lucky enough to find 4 barely-used Spektrum DS821 servos form classifieds. They will move the flaps just perfectly. My Elan is full of them and I have been very satisfied with the way they work. 
For the wheel doors I purchased some 160 gram carbon fiber cloth, which I plan to laminate into the Polyply soon. Also, the aileron and rudder horns were ordered from Al´s Hobbies today, so when they arrive, the aileron servo install will commence. The aileron servos will be Nexus DSW601MG:s, which turn 7 kilos @5 volts and have metal gears and ball bearings. The MiG will have 11 digital servos, so, as in the Elan, there will be also an Orbit Powerjack inside to ensure the power to the servos. 

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