torstai 25. marraskuuta 2010

MiG-15 standing on its wheels now!

Woohoo! One significant milestone in the MiG-15 project was reached when the model stood on its wheels for the first time. The wing number 2 progresses much faster then the first one-as I´ve already thought everything over once.

The nosewheel is not the final one! In fact it is from the Boomerang Intro fixed gear. The real one is still being made. As a soothing answer to my deepest fears with wing and landing gear alignment, it all look real nice now. The working room is so small, that in there is is easy to lose the big picture! 

This will be a gourgeous model. 

Some rudder development...the lower servo hole is so close to the moving part, that I had to make up something with a clevis and piano wire (again from the Intro kit...stuff that I discarded then) It will be secured in place with a collar later on. 

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