perjantai 27. elokuuta 2010

And then...

What happened next was that I glued the broken glider back to one piece and started flying it! Pretty soon a family friend came to me with a nicely built Blue Phoenix 2 m glider that was also coloured nicely, orange wing and black fuse. This model was then flown a lot! Really a fantastic model, maybe a bit silly wing mounting system and too small rudder, but other than that, great. Very similar to Gentle Lady.

Years later I' m now sharing my really small 2x2 model room with about 10 models, of which 3 are F5D pylon models and 2 are jets.
This summer I've logged 59 flights with the Boomerang Elan, 3 with the F-104 Starfighter and about 50 with the rest. I was planning to participate the F5D WC in Muncie, but had to give it up because of family and economical reasons. Instead of the Muncie I flew the Elan in 2 big airshows.

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