lauantai 28. elokuuta 2010


The Slash´s weakest point is the unprotected cardan transmission shaft, which I managed to block with gravel in 2 seconds. What followed was some bad words and after some cleaning I put some blue-tack in there to cover the weak areas (sipper clutch nut). Now, after some months of driving the stock tires began to feel too slippery in clay or sand, so today I changed these Proline tires underneath. The Slash feels like a totally different car now, as it tracks like a train and really must be forced to spin-this used to be accidental sometimes.

As the old ones are probably ok for possible winter indoor use, I just put the into the Proline bags to wait. Tomorrow morning I take the cars with me and we go to meet a family with, again, 2 small boys and a RC car! Lets raise some dust...


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