sunnuntai 29. elokuuta 2010

Some RC teaching today...

Here is Mika, a friend of mine, after a successful training flight with my old and trusty Prima electric 2m glider. He tried RC flying for the first time ever. After some sessions where I first took the model up and then he would glide it down to maybe 30 meters- I took it back up-  and again some slow gliding back down- he seemed to make some progress! The wind wanted to bring the model over our heads, but after a while he also learned to cope with that. I then took the model into landing after maybe 15 minutes of flying, and it was already quite late.

Resistance is futile and You will be assimilated to RC flying!

Oh yes, earlier today we raced with 3 RC cars,  a TT Phoenix and my Slash and Lunch Box. The beginning was not promising as I accidentally ran over the small and brittle Phoenix, breaking its front shock tower. Slahs´s steering jammed because of a small piece of dirt and Luch Box´s steering servo somehow lost its screw...anyway we got the fixed!


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