keskiviikko 1. syyskuuta 2010

Sold my Demon F5D model today..

Farewell old friend! I decided to sell one model of several alike, the Demon. The red "possessed" model was a blast to fly and also very durable. Anyway, as they say, if someone wants to buy a model airplane from You that You´ve flown already for some time, why not sell it! Only problem was a stuck Graupner spinner. I needed to remove the Kontronik ESC, so the motor needed to be removed also. Well, the small hex setscrew was not going to give up, and after some struggling I took the Einhell dremel tool and cut the spinner in two. Funny, I´ve had to do his already twice recently-what´s with these setscrews now?

So this guy I did not know beforehand, came with his new black Volvo car and took the Demon and the Neu motor away along with my instructions of how to fly it. I wish al the best flying time for him with the new fast model!

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