keskiviikko 1. syyskuuta 2010

Jet stuff...

We went to fly jets very early yesterday morning.  I had my Elan with me, and my friend Joni was maidening his Sprint. The weather was cloudy but almost calm, so I quickly flew 3 flights and had really good time with the Elan. Joni had some brake problems, but decided to go anyway, having checked the runway end vegetation. SO there it went, pushed by a Wren Super Sport! Having flown 80 flights with the Boomerang Intro, that was the predecessor of the Sprint, I knew what to expect. Joni, however has flown 1/8 F-16:s and was used to much more difficult behaving models. After the first flight we added some lead into the nose, and the Sprint behaved even more nicely-Joni said that a GWS Mustang is probably more difficult to fly!

I took some inflight video from the Elan and will publish it later on Youtube.  On my 4th flight I got engine problems in takeoff and had to glide down. A nice coupé landing, and the turbine is now sent to service.

Now I see that the stripes differ in colour in my pictures...sorry! As my Elan has fluorecent orange I kinda felt strange when processing these images. I forgot the Sprint has yellow colour and wondered why it looks so yellow instead of orange... Anyway, the landing picture is more like the original!

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