perjantai 17. syyskuuta 2010

Slash broke down!

My Slash 4x4 just jammed. After I took it apart I noticed that the spur bearing was totally stuck with rust. So no driving in wet conditions with this car!

I really should have looked into this before, as the car is really easy to break apart...and even assemble again!

The front and rear ends on the table...

This what the car looks like without them...a boat?
I found a set of 4 bearings from LHS and they weren´t even expensive. Not always the Traxxas labeled parts are needed. The car took maybe 10 minutes to be assembled back into business. There will be a big indoor RC car driving arena opened almost next door in a month or so!

On to other projects then...the monster from the basement! This old Twinstar II did never develop into the FPV/ photography model I intended, so in the name of freeing some space, I put it into the basement. 3 years of moist conditions did nothing to the elapor, but some cleaning was needed as the TS grew something!

As brushed motor controllers are rare nowadays, I took a Tamiya car controller...yes it has reverse too! 

A classic...speed 400 motor! Yes, it won´t really go anywhere with a pair of these, but I´ve flown two Twinstars before for dozens of flights with these-and had a great time. 
The nose is heavily modified for camera use. 

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