maanantai 27. syyskuuta 2010

Night flying!

Some personal RC history was written yesterday as I installed a Multiplex Multilight LED lighting system into my old electric Prima glider. And then went on to fly it in darkness. The system has 5 lights, and I added one more into a total of 6 LEDs: red and white beacon, green and red navigation lights, and 2 white lights. The flight went well, but I later moved some white lights from the nose to the tail, as the model is nicer to fly when seeing the elevator. In this picture the green navigation light can be seen as a weak dot under the starboard wing. The red covering changes the colour, so its placed in the bottom side. You mostly see the model from underneath.

Night flying is like the airplane suddenly took a swim in a deep ocean, truly different and challenging. Should You try it, do it with a model You´ve flown a lot before.  Not the new and shiny one.  Having flown jets and also pylon stuff, which are both demanding and exiting, I can say that so is night flying!
The next 6 months will be very dark here in Finland, but I think I´ll manage now...

If You have an old electric glider that works, never sell it although moved into faster models.  Mine has served as a flying camera platform, as a soarer of course,  and a teaching model. Now its also has night flying rating!

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