lauantai 2. lokakuuta 2010

Finally success with the Twinstar!

Ok, today was the day. After 3 years of basement solitary confinement, fungus, faulty Spektrum receiver,  burned servos,  4 different motor / battery / esc combinations, the Twinstar II is finally delivering! I flew it for an enjoying 18 minutes in totally calm and sunny weather mainly over our neighbourhood and shot some onboard video ( I will edit it and post on Youtube) .

The 5 x 5 APC props are still a bit too small, but all in all, this seems to be a decent setup:

Motors- Turnigy 1900 kv outrunners, 40 g (9 dollars each in Hobbycity)
ESC:s   - Mystery 20 A (x2)      not much in the same store
Battery:  Hyperion G3 2200 3s lipo

Thats all for now,  sorry for no pics, too busy flying.

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