keskiviikko 27. lokakuuta 2010

The "Duel!"

Ladies And Gentlemen! On the left corner (of the field...) is...Pro EDF F-16 with a HET Typhoon 70 mm electric ducted fan driven at 100 A on 4s lipos.  (applause)

...aaaannnd!... on the right corner is Avionik D-05 F5D Pylon model on my "relaxed glider setup"...that means a Mega 22/20/10 motor and a 1/4 planetary reduction drive. (I hope that was right, dont really remember anymore). The prop is usually a RFM 12.75 x 13, but as I broke it the other day, its now a Aero-Naut 12 x10.  This all is being driven on also on a 4s lipo.

The judge today is a Stalker Sport radar, it is calm and visibility is good. Its a great day. All means to make the model faster are allowed!

My friend Joni tosses the F-16 into the air and tells me 200 km/h is his goal today. Ok! The takeoff is a bit scary, as the fan´s torque banks the model left with force. Full opposite aileron, and some patience, and the F-16 gets on the step.  On horizontal flight the screaming EDF reaches a 180 km/h speed as it blazes past the Stalker.  Second try, now with a dive...201.9 km/h. Joni is happy and lands safely. He works as a flying instructor and is a professional pilot.

My turn now. The D05 can fly 300 Km/h straight and level with the F5D power setup, which means 5s 1800 lipos, a 2600 kV Neu motor, and a 4,7 x 4,7 prop turning at 42000 RPM. Lets see what this glider modification can do now.

On a glide, it flies easily 180 km/h straight and level. The prop does not stop fast enough as the ESC:s brake should be harder ( I must change it soon) , but with the motor on and a dive first create this number on the radar´s screen:
As we both had about the same amount of power to use,  the HET Typhoon 70 mm fan unit is actually quite good. The speed difference could be bigger, as the Avionik is an ultimately low-drag model and the F-16 not. The F-16:s flying time is a few minutes as I´ve soared over 20 minutes with mine with occasional speed runs in the middle. With the F5D setup my motor time is 1 minute!

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