sunnuntai 24. lokakuuta 2010

Gear door development

I started scetching the gear doors from BVM Polyply. It is not thick enough itself, so it must be reinforced later with either carbon cloth of something else. But, its transparent, and that helps a lot in this case. From the pictures it can be seen that the main door has a 30 degrees bank backwards and up from the wheel when the wheels are down.  But when they´re up, the bank is in the second door in the fuselage and in the front side! Sounds really crazy, but the angles in the landing gear and again the high swept-back angle change everything! The geen line iI drew at first was thus completely wrong, luckily I did not cut it so fast.

Here in the down position it is seen clearly. So whatever one first thinks with this undercarriage,  must be tested in both positions to say the least.

The elevator servo install 2.0. This looks much better now. Some more fastening points are still needed.

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