maanantai 25. lokakuuta 2010

Buy buy buy!!!

Ever had a day when You're just itching to buy yourself a new model? Its really frustrating when it happens. Then what happens is this: You browse through jet kit manufacturers pages and just think them over and over. This would look extremely cool...that would be really fast...AvondsSkymasterFlyeagleBZTomahawkJetlegendCompositeArfJetcatWrenFutabaBVMArtesJet1AIntairco...and almost every manufacturer has the SAME scale models to browse through. You think of a new-neat-nicely painted-not too expensive-product from the Far East. But then, a quality kit from Europe or USA would be almost certainly cheaper and You know what You get- no exploding wings or fuselages raining over somebodys head.
Even if we forgot about the money then there is the question of storage space. My workroom is a mere 4 square meters and 2.7 meters high. But it is so tempting, you know the feeling!

Now here's another thing-the optimal amount of jets. Ok, I think and based on my experiences, two is plenty! They can thus be of different flying characteristics and if one is offline, there is always the another, and flying is possible all season. Perfect flying weather and a six months wait for some part or kit is the ultimate nightmare!

No, I'll just have to turn off the web browser and do something useful. The Elan's batteries are already full and since I have a work commitment tomorrow next to a good airfield, I plan to mix some business and pleasure...before its snowing-hey it might snow tomorrow!

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