lauantai 23. lokakuuta 2010

MiG undercarriage!

Its been a while, I´m sorry.  However, the first Mig main undercarriage install is progressing well. I managed, after a couple nights work, to trial fit the first leg in and this is what it now looks like.

The swept wings of the MiG-15 make the undercarriage installing a bit challenging. I am really not totally satisfied with this, but as the model is old and dusty, I just want it to fly and forget the slight imperfect spots in means of true scale. The outer gear door may have to be forgotten at first and the main doors...oh well lets see.  But I have some plywood and BVM Polyply sheets to begin with.

The white stuff is EPP from a broken glider I was kindly given for this filling purpose from Sil-Shop. Thanks guys! The elevator and rudder Nexus servos are also from them.
There will be some fiberglass cloth and filler on top of that EPP next. Note how the borders are cut into 45 angle to help merging the new surface into the old.
Here is the gear leg lowered...(in this case the opposite, as the wing is inverted...)

That wheel well looks really big and the doors will of course improve the flying characteristics. They just need to be strong!

Here is the nose leg minus the wheel itself:

This is homemade, cast in aluminium by mr. Jussi Korolainen. Most impressive piece of work!
I plan to do all the mistakes first with this left wing and when it is ok, proceed into the right side wing.

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