maanantai 6. syyskuuta 2010

On to the MIG wing then...

Here is the MIG-15 wing. The wheel wells are in fact a bit larger than the Intairco undercarriage would need. But the wood blocks seem to be in about correct angle, so I decided just to add some new wood in there. I glued 5mm plywood vertical bits on both sides, and plan to glue the mounting blocks into them.

Here are the plywood bits  on both sides...the wing skin is sandwiched obechi with glass on both sides. 

Here you can see the size difference. It looks a bit scary, but yes, both the wing and the undercarriage are 1/5 scale. I went to local hobby shop in search for some hardwood blocks, but no luck. Then I discovered some nice pine strip on the floor of local lumber yard...and they charged me nothing for it. They have plenty of it around, it keeps the lumber separated from each other and is usually just thrown I fit the pine blocks in. 

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