perjantai 27. elokuuta 2010

More history

When we collected the glider pieces from the woods, I sensed how humiliated my father was.
I also remember one case where I had flown a free flight glider "Toka" into a very tall tree. My father helped it down despite having a painful back because of falling from the ladder.
Me and my older neighbour flew control line models at the nearby hill until the neighbour lost his one day. The O.S.15- powered Viuhu model flew as normal until somehow the handle was removed from his hand. The model flew big circles, the handle about 1 meter circle and as the fuel tank was almost full, the model just climbed and climbed until we saw it no more. It was never found.

One day at the same hill ( which is now full of ligting poles) I saw this bloke flying a RC glider with a bungee. It did not look too difficult, and soon he let me try it. First in the air for a short time, and then eventually into a complete flight. Stall and overspeed, thats really it!

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